Certified Nursing Assistant FAQ

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) fulfill basic care needs for patients in hospitals, residential nursing care facilities, skilled care facilities, adult family homes, and in-home health.  In addition to this CNAs often work with hospice patients in a hospice facility or as in-home hospice care. CNAs serve as the eyes and ears for doctors, nurses and other members of the patient’s Care Team.

The overall average tuition cost for CNA can vary, but at NW NAC Training, the tuition is a competitive $1395 which includes 120 hours of instruction, TB test, 7-Hour HIV Certification, stethoscope, gait belt, and workbook on line. In addition to this, after licensing, Nurse Delegation Core and Focus on Diabetes are also included in tuition. The approximate overall cost is $1555

Northwest NAC Training is  an Official Washington State CNA Exam Site. As such, you can conveniently take the exam at the same location that prepares you for it, in a lab that you’re comfortable and familiar with. We offer both Regional Exams (which are open to students from anywhere in Washington State) and In Facility Exams, which are open to NW NAC Training students only.

The NNAAP Nurse Aid Exam consists of two portions: a multiple choice Written (or Oral) Exam and the Skills Test, which is a practical demonstration of nursing skills. During the skills test, students will be tested on 5 of 22 learned skills, and must be completed within 30 minutes.

Both the Written and Skills sections of the Exam must be passed in order to receive accreditation.

While you pay approximately the same for a shorter, “accelerated” course, and you seem to be saving time, ultimately the quality of education will determine your ability to be hired in the workplace. We offer 120 hours of instruction; thus, our students gain valuable, well rounded preparation and hands-on experience that makes them sought after in the workplace, both immediately upon completion of their training and throughout their medical career.

Ready to begin a new rewarding career as a CNA? Contact Northwest NAC Training today for more information about CNA Certification or to schedule a campus tour. We offer both day and night classes to accommodate your schedule.  Apply today, or call us at 360-882-0101.

You’ve put in the work, studied, and passed your exams. Congratulations! You are now a Certified Nursing Assistant. Before you can get to work, though, you still need to be licensed by the state, whichever state you plan to work in.

For Washington State, your exam results will be sent directly to the Washington State Department of Health. There is still work to do, however, including filling out a Nursing Assistant Certification Endorsement Application Packet. This packet will ask for personal information, such as birth date and social security number, as well as a personal data questions.

You will also be required to fill out information on any training and testing you have completed, such as AIDS/HIV training.

Once the application has been filled out by you, verified by Washington State, and all fees associated with licensing have paid, the state will perform a background check. Once everything clears and you’ve been approved, the Department of Health will mail the license to you.

In order to keep your license up-to-date, it needs to be renewed every year before your birthday.

Every year before their birthday, certified nursing assistants will need to update/renew your license in the state of Washington. There are forms to fill out, but the renewal process can be done online or via mail.

See here for more in depth information regarding renewal.

A completed application and $100 fee will hold your place in class.

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