Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Courses offered to the public

All certified Nursing Assistants must have 12 hours of continuing education after the second year of license certification. Northwest NAC Training offers some of the most popular, as well as necessary, courses to help fulfill those 12 hours.

NW NAC currently offer the following courses to the public:

Each of these courses are Self-Study, which means students will receive a book to take home to study over one or two weeks. When ready, students will come in to take the test. If the student passes, they will be certified on the spot.

If a student does not pass, they are allowed to use the book for more study. Another, alternate test will be given and if the student passes this time, they will be certified immediately. A failing effort on the second test means the student will need to enroll at a different school.

NW NAC is an official Washington State testing location located in Vancouver – there is no need to go anywhere else. For more information (details, costs) please contact us at (360) 882-0101.