HIV/AIDS Programs

What is the 7 hour HIV/AIDS Program?

As part of your tuition, the 7-hour HIV/AIDS program fulfills the Washington State Department of Licensing requirements for all health related professionals under the Uniform Disciplinary Act (RCW 18.130). Basically, this is to give healthcare workers in Washington State a standardized procedure to ensure professional competence and conduct in the health field.

This program presents a comprehensive look at HIV/AIDS, including etiology and epidemiology of HIV, transmission and infection control, clinical manifestations and treatment, psychological, legal and ethical issues as well as testing and counseling. The classroom instruction consists of lectures, videos, and handouts which culminate in a final exam.

Once the exam is passed, the student will be certified, which is required for an initial license. Furthermore, this training is required if a license has been expired for more than three years.  Please call our office for details.

Our HIV/Aids program is offered in conjunction with our CNA certification. This course is not offered to the public.

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