Nurse Delegation

What is Nurse Delegation?

In Washington State, Nurse Delegation allows a licensed Delegating RN to transfer the performance of a specific task for an individual client to a qualified Certified Nursing Assistant. In order to be qualified for delegation, the CNA must have studied the course, passed the test and have a Certificate Accredited by the Washington State Department of Social & Health Services.  Many facilities, depending on their charter, require certification as condition of employment.

Is Nurse Delegation required to perform caregiver tasks?

In some specific cases, nursing assistants need to have completed the Nurse Delegation program and passed the test. Upon passing, nursing assistants are able to work with clients as the Nurse Delegator sees fit. The Core Certificate exam needs to be passed before taking the Core Certificate – Diabetes exam.

Nurse Delegation – Self Study

Northwest Nursing Assistant Certified Training will give you the tools to prepare for the Core Certificate exam, giving you the freedom to study when you want. A workbook will be provided to students, who then have two weeks to study the materials. When ready, students will schedule an appointment to take the Nurse Delegation Core EXAM, at which time a DSHS Certificate will be issued.

Upon successful completion of  Nurse Delegation Core, the student may then apply to take the Focus on Diabetes course.  The process of certification is exactly the same. If a student doesn’t pass the first exam, they will be allowed to schedule an alternative test.

We also offer the Core and Focus on Diabetes to the general public. Please call our office for details.

Core Training


$15 for our students

Fulfills 9 hours of CEU (Continuing Education Units)

Special Focus on Diabetes


$15 for our students

Fulfills 3 hours of CEU (Continuing Education Units)

These Certifications are required to work in an Adult Family Home or Assisted Living Facility

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